supporting parents of premature babies,
with the power of AI,
for better parental engagement and shared decision making
with the care team

visualizing the unexpected and the unknown

When a baby arrives too early, the parents face something they never experienced.

We ourselves had children at a NICU and recall the difficulties of understanding the situation, comprehending all the new information, but above all, coping with the unexpected.

provides visual context and progression to facilitate parental understanding,
involvement, and parent-clinician communication for better holistic care.


At the core of the solution is the visualization of the baby's development.

Visualization that is easy to understand and seamless to interact with.

Accessible across languages and across platforms.


The amount of information, especially in the early days, can be just simply overwhelming.

Learning new terms, understanding developmental issues and their impact should be grasped at a glance.
Becoming more knowledgeable is reassuring.


Parents should also have access to the best experts:
to parents who already did the journey with a preemie.

Sharing their lived experience with new parents of preemies provides much-needed
peer support.


How can we measure we are on the right track?

On the long run,
big data of tiny fighters
will show how parents' involvement in the care makes a difference.


While implementing our first version of lumila,
we conducted a large-scale international study with parents of premature babies.

More than 300 parents from around the world participated in our research, sharing their very own lived experiences and thus providing valuable inputs and feedback to our thinking. The lessons learnt from the study were directly fed back to our process, allowing us to revise and improve the design, to strengthen our initial hypothesis, and to identify much needed features.

We published the results at a design conference in 2016. If you are interested in the publication, please drop us a mail.

The following two summaries are examples of the findings presented in the publication. When the parents were asked to describe their emotional experience with 3-3 adjectives, the journey they took became very clear. On the left are the words they used when their baby got into the NICU, and on the right when their baby transitioned home.


Started as a real-life experience, we realized that as parents we wanted to be more involved with our babies' care. To know more about their development and their progress, to see the big picture and to understand the details.

We are a small team with healthcare (family medicine, obstetrics & gynecology), analytics, design, user experience & technology, entrepreneurial and research scientist backgrounds.

We joined our forces to create a tool that can seamlessly show the development of premature babies, and bring the needed information to the hands of parents.


Big Data & Analytics

Design & Technology

User Experience & Visualization

If you are interested in following our progress, or want to join the beta, please sign up here: lumila

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